Ecdemomania : (n.)
1. A morbid impulse, or obsession, to travel or wander around.
2. A compulsive wandering away from home.

Ecdemomania is an extended black and white photo-essay started in 2015 which documents years of questioning and travel around the world: from Siberia to India, Iran to the United States, Tibet to Australia. But the places are not especially relevant.
This is a mix of reality and daydream. This an attempt to map a part of my own psyche and to create a lexicon of my inside world. Ecdemomania is more the story of an inside journey than an outside one. It's an invitation to wander and get lost. This on-going body of work counts so far 400 pictures (selected among 80 000 shot).

Frantic race against the clock. Hop a train. Fleeting encounter. Next stop. Fugitive friendship. Jump in a bus. One night stand. Ride. Clog the drain of time. Fail. Try again. Walk. Be the stranger again. Follow a path. Get lost. Often. Don’t understand. Don’t try to understand. Lose yourself. Let go. Run away. Search. Run after your shadow. Hang on to it anyway. Let it go. Be in motion. Do not stop. Refuse to settle. Do not take root. Only way to fight against the anguish of time passing and its frightening traces. The distance traveled as the only weapon against Chronos. Every kilometer is an illusion of victory.