Ecdemomania : (n.) A compulsive wandering away from home.

A hundred years ago you would probably have lived your entire life in the same geographic area. But nowadays, people are on the move and the world is as open it has ever been. How do you find your roots in such a big place? Do you actually need them? What's home ?

Ecdemomania documents three years of questioning and of travel around the world. The places don't matter. The journey is way more internal and about exploring my own psyche and motivations.When the body is moving forward, the mind has plenty of scope to wander, to reflect on memories, aspirations, and dreams.

To passing time, I answered with the distance traveled. Time stops and the anxiety of not having control over it wanes. You travel in silence, usually alone. You get lost. Often. You are always the stranger. And you learn how to cherish transience. You think about Harmut Rosa's equation over and over: "In general, a time filled with varied and interesting experiences, seems short in passing, but long as we look back. On the other hand, a tract of time empty of experiences seems long in passing, but in retrospect short". The passing miles are enough to give a meaning to this travel. I don't presume to find a path to enlightenment. No, I just want to wade through the muck of all of the confusion that is preventing me from reaching that place.