One Night Stand

One Night Stand is a photographic series exploring the internal world of sexual intimacy, the need of the other(s) and the beauty of the imperfection of the bodies in a raw, gritty, and abstract way. I’m using the tools of the “hookup” culture (applications, adult meeting websites, social networks…) to find couples in a long-term relationship and photograph them in the most intimate situation for one night, becoming the photographic One Night Stand.

No instructions given, the models are free of their actions and as a photographer I try to only be a fly on the wall, being the less intrusive as possible but in the meantime very close. The work focuses on the chemistry, the intensity, the tension, the tenderness, the aggression, the face to face of sex.

The project is still ongoing and the final body of work will be constituted of a “collection” of 20 couples (6 shots at the moment) of mixed ages and sexual orientation.